Disabled children’s services

Local authorities have a responsibility to help families with disabled children. Many children have additional needs and disabilities, and some are more severely affected than others. Some disabled children and their parents will need practical support at home. 

However, you will be aware after reading the information contained on our Dealing with Disability page that the way local authorities work is changing.

As a parent, you have the right to have your child and family’s needs assessed by social care in England (in Scotland this is known as the social work services, and in Northern Ireland the health and social care trusts). You also have the right to ask for an assessment for yourself.

An assessment could lead to you being provided with services for your disabled child or services to help you as a carer. To assist with these complex matters see Contact’s website for a wide range of guides for families with disabled children. All of these guides are free for parents who call the free phone line 0800 808 3555. If you are a professional, call the reception team of Contact on 0207 608 8755.

These guides are listed below, which also include a number of supplementary publications relating to each topics:

  • General guides
  • Money and finance
  • Education and childcare
  • Family life
  • Behaviour
  • Health
  • Social care services
  • Reports and research
  • Parent carer participation
  • For parent support groups

These guides can be viewed by downloading a publication list (PDF) from Contact’s Resource Library.

Helpful advice on a whole range of subjects can also be found by visiting Citizens Advice. You can use their search and navigation tools to provide information on specific topics.

For information regarding the right to have your child and family’s needs assessed, visit Contact website’s on How to access services.

Date of next review: December 2021

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